Reservation Inquiry 21/07/2023-hair cut+perm+colour

Jora Song
2023-07-06 11:18

My friend and I would like to make a reservation for two 부원장 level designers on July 21th for Chahong Ardor (Cheongdam). We prefer to come your salon around 1 p.m. on July 21th. Could you please make the reservation for us?

Both of us would like to have hair cut+perm+colour, My friend has long hair, and my hair is medium-length. We don't have any preference for the hair designers, but we prefer to 부원장 level.

Looking forward to your reply soon.
Thank you!
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  • 2023-07-06 12:13

    This is ChaHong Franchise Team.
    What kind of hairstyle are you going to get?
    The last reservation time varies depending on the hairstyle.
    Or if you have a reservation time you want, I'll check the reservation status.
    I will wait for your reply.
    Thank you.